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In-Motion Enterprise's Unique Edge
The life-changing unique edge of CarolAnn’s In-Motion Enterprise is described by beginning with the definition.
en·ter·prise[en-ter-prahyz] An important project undertaken that requires boldness,energy, participation, engagement, ingenuity, and an adventurous spirit for such a project. CarolAnn has dedicated her whole professional to motivating individuals ages ranging from 3 yrs all the way to 75 yrs to get up and get moving. The passion is so compelling that she has made it her mission or life-long enterprise to empower people of all ages and abilities to get in-motion. 
CarolAnn’s In-Motion Enterprise provides not just a workout but an experience through a high energy environment and a larger-than-life certified fitness professional who delivers. When an experience is created, the participant is engaged. When the participant is engaged, he/she will return. When the participant returns on a regular basis, results are guaranteed!! Everyone is seeking results. Whether the goal is to , tone up, gain energy, or simply function better, the exercise program must produce those personalized results or the individual quits and returns to his/her old ways. NOT with CarolAnn's In Motion Enterprise!!  The exercise program is simple to follow and exudes fun.
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